Star Maps for CCD Images
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These are the star maps that provide the locations for the CCD images
 we took at the SkyWatcher's Inn.  These maps were created with
The Sky Level IV version 5.00.007 by Software Bisque.

Network Nebula in CygnusNetwork Nebula in CygnusNGC 7479 - Barred Spiral Galaxy in PegasusNGC 7006 - Globular Cluster in DelphinusSaturn Nebula in Aquarius
NGC 7479 - Barred Spiral Galaxy in PegasusGreat Cluster in HerculesTriffid Nebula in SagittariusDumbell Nebula in VulpeculaDumbell Nebula in Vulpecula
M56 - Globular Cluster in LyraM56 - Globular Cluster in LyraRing Nebula in LyraM92 - Globular Cluster in HerculesNGC 7479 - Barred Spiral Galaxy in Pegasus

Hover your mouse pointer over the pictures to read the captions.

Tresa Tatyrek and Mitch Mitchell
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