My Telescope
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These are pictures of my telescope.  It started out as a Celestron Starhopper Dobsonian and has slowly evolved into an equatorially mounted Newtonian Telescope with a JMI Focuser, ProtoStar Spider, Parallax Instruments Custom Aluminum Tube, Novak Mirror Cell, all mounted on a Parallax Instruments HD200C Computerized Equatorial Mount.

Telescope arrivedMoving the telescope tubeMoving the telescope dobsonian base
Looking down the tube at secondary mirrorBig mirror and the dob baseA tall telescope tube
Primary mirrorIts a big cannon!Mount arrives
Boxes and CratesOpening the crate with the mount head in itThat's the computer box
Unpacking declination axisUnpacking right ascension axisThose are the tube rings
Lots of boxesMount parts ready for assemblyMount pedestal with legs attached
Mount pedestal and altazimuth header installedAdjustable altazimuth headerRight ascension unit
Right ascension and declination head piecesTelescope tube ringsComputer controller for goto slewing
Computer hand controllerComplete Parallax Instruments HD200C mountThe mount is from Parallax Instruments
JMI next generation focuser unitJMI next generation focuser with motofocus and digital counterJMI focuser hand controller and digital display
ProtoStar secondary spiderProtoStar secondary spider mounted in tubePortable dc power supply
New Custom Mirror Cell by Kenneth NovakNew and Old Telescope TubesNew custom Aluminum Tube from Parallax Instruments
Template to drill holes to mount focuserDrilling mounting holes for new Mirror CellThis is a big telescope

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Tresa Tatyrek and Mitch Mitchell
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