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Personal Interests

I had an old "Department Store" telescope when I was little.
I now own a new 17.5" Newtonian reflector telescope on a Dobson mount.
I have ordered a Parallax Instruments HD200C Equatorial Mount for it.
We went to the SkyWatcher's Inn and had a great time.  Here are some CCD pictures I took through their 20" f10 Maksutov Cassegrain telescope.

We also visited my parents and I brought back my father's Celestar 8 Schmidt Cassegrain to check out and align.
I have been taking pictures since I got hooked in high school.
When I combine this with the astronomy, I'll have a real expensive hobby!
I'm into old phones, new phones, and telecommunications technology in general.
Our house has a small business phone system as an intercom.
This is a collection of cool sky related photographs.
CCD Pictures Web Page Sky Pictures
Celestron 17.5" StartHopper (46662 bytes)
Parallax Instruments HD200C Equatorial Mount
Celestron Celestar 8 Deluxe Computerized


Tresa Tatyrek and Mitch Mitchell
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