I got one..
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I got one ...  well almost.

Oh my, Oh my, what is that ruckus in my yard!   Look, mommy, Look!

 squirrel4.jpg (165089 bytes)

It is a big, fat squirrel.  It is up high in that crepe myrtle.  I sure do want it.  I'm going to try to get it.  I jump and jump.

tashasquirrel.jpg (151198 bytes)

I back away and look and look.

lookingtasha1.jpg (126354 bytes)


  That thing sure doesn't like me.  It is making more and more noise.   

squirrel3.jpg (248965 bytes)

Hurry, mommy, come look.  Can you get it for me mommy?  It is really making me nuts.



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