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Welcome to my web site!

My Parent's think I'm a VIP, Very Important Puppy.    I was adopted by them in January 1995.  The day was cold and damp, but I won my new mommy's heart right away.   I showed them how smart I was immediately.   When the phone rang I went to it and waited until it was answered.  When it rang the second time I immediately headed for the phone, only to have my mommy tell me she had gotten it somewhere else, so I turned around and went to her.    I found out that this place they had brought me to had lots of phones!

My parents  have given me a wonderful place to sleep, play, and eat.  They also take me to see my grandparents.   One set lives close by, the other a long way off.  I know which one I'm going to once we get in the car and start out on the road.  The ones that live a long way off have some of my favorite toys:  Cats and Squirrels.   The ones that are close used to have a rabbit next door that would turn it's back on me as I was very intently watching.   Those toys really know how to get to me.   I have more stories at Tasha's Tails.

My life ended 9 August 2010.  I lived a long time, my spirit now runs with my wolf ancestors.  I know my parents miss me, they took good care of me and all my needs.  I wanted for nothing.

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