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 Welcome to my web site!

Family, friends, and home are the centers of my life.   

We had our home built several years ago and it is full of technology.  

  • We have a computer network within the house to aid in our various interests and pursuits.   It is updated frequently as  the computer industry moves forward.  
  • Our phone system is a small business phone system that allows us to call from room to room or monitor individual rooms of the house.  It has come in handy for house repairs and maintenance, recovery time after surgeries that resulted in limited movement, and just plain fun.  The system has brought many comments from visitors. 
  • We are in the process of updating the sound system with speakers in the ceilings of several rooms and sub-woofers being strategically placed.
  • We are going to be updating our home and making it into a 'smart home'  It will be a several year project and I know I'll say we should have just moved, but we love our house and plan on being in it for years more to come

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Tresa Tatyrek and Mitch Mitchell
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